Why 50 - Fifty Lives

Why 50?

We each carry within us gifts enough to give life and hope to as many as fifty other people. Through tissue donation and Community Tissue Services, one life given makes renewed life possible for dozens nationwide and internationally. In the restored lives of these grateful recipients, the life and memory of donors lives on.

• Crippled athletes run again.
• Bodies and lives ravaged by fire are mended and given hope.
• Men and women bent with pain stand straight again and return to their lives.

Stories of Giving

FiftyLives.org makes the stories of these gifts available to the world. Here you can learn how life is passed on, how the gift of life is given twice: by families in their moment of grief, and by the donors themselves. Families tell how their loved ones live on through the lives of others. And recipients tell how these gifts saved and transformed their lives.

Gifts That Keep Giving

As recipients will tell you, the gifts they receive continue to give. Many whose lives were saved or enhanced by donated tissue now see life differently. The life given to them they pass on in generosity and renewed care for those around them.

Through Community Tissue Services, donors save and enhance an average of fifty lives directly. But gratitude spreads their gifts like ripples through the world, touching the lives of so many more.