Wall Of Life - Jeff - Fifty Lives

Tissue Recipient

I’m a local funeral director and am familiar with the donation process. I collaborate with Community Tissue Services on a regular basis as we often serve the same family. Tissue donation is more personal to me, though, as I am a tissue recipient. I underwent dental surgery 5 times and have 2 more to go. I’ve had teeth extracted, dental implants placed and some other corrections have been made. With these surgeries, I know that donor bone grafts are an integral part of the process for the implants to take & heal properly.

Even though I am in the midst of my surgeries, I’m grateful for what donation has provided me. I’ve been given the chance to have my smile back! I will have a full set of teeth, the ability to enjoy food, and I now have a reason to smile! To the donor and their family - I am very sorry for their loss but I am grateful they chose donation and allowed me this opportunity.

Donation hasn’t just impacted my life; my father was a tissue recipient as well. He underwent 6 spinal surgeries and a hip replacement. The donor bone grafts used in those procedures gave him relief from pain. Even though he was still wheelchair bound, he was given the freedom to transfer from chair to chair and maintain his independence as long as possible.

Tissue donation has truly been a gift to my family and me!