125 Voices - Ron Myers - Fifty Lives

Ron Myers

Tissue Donor

My father fell ill with kidney issues back in 2005. He spent time on a transplant list, but luckily we were a perfect match. In 2006 dad and I went in for surgery. Life was good then and he continued to work and enjoy life. We enjoyed our time together and vacationed through the years as a family... my mom, my sister, and both of our families.

Last year on February 13, 2014 dad was having some routine tests run. He was in the comfort of the local hospital when he fell. We're not sure if the heart attack caused the fall, or if the fall caused the heart attack, but that would be the day my father went on to a peaceful place. We miss him terribly, but our family is grateful that some of his tissues were viable for donation.

Donate Life has been a motto in our lives for the past 9 years. Dad lives on in our hearts and hopefully continues to improve the lives of many.

Please donate. You never know when you or a loved one may need that second chance. We were lucky enough to have ours, now dad is paying it forward.