125 Voices - Spencer - Fifty Lives


Tissue Donor

When Spencer was born in January, we had no idea we would only have one week with him. For all practical purposes, he was completely healthy and he was the sweetest, most precious little cherub I could have ever wanted to love.

Sadly, we woke up the morning he turned just one week old and found him not breathing or responsive.

I recall my entire world crashing down around me and the next few hours being the start of the worst nightmare I could ever imagine for our family. His daddy, myself and his big brother Tanner will never be the same again.

When I spoke with the people in the hospital at one point, I recall telling them that yes, Spencer would be a donor.

A few hours later when the phone rang to obtain our consent, I remember telling my husband that it was the only good that could possibly come from our overwhelming heartache.

In the days, weeks and months that have followed, we have found comfort in knowing that Spencer's short, but amazing and special life may help another child have a longer life, or a family celebrate another birthday with their loved one or allow another mother to hold her child in her arms just a little longer. I would give anything I could for that chance.

In our pain, there may be some hope and that is beautiful and comforting.