Wall Of Life - Kaleb - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Kaleb, also known as “KBOB” was definitely one of a kind! His heart was huge and he would do anything for anyone. He loved and lived life to the fullest. He was a very hard worker; even in high school he held a full time job at a factory while still making the honor roll. Kaleb had a passion for the FFA in his high school years. He had just started a cattle business with his cousin and his best friend Cody. He also had a personal relationship with God, which brings comfort to us knowing he is in the presence of God! He grew up with 2 big brothers, Jacob and Logan, who picked on him a bunch! He also had one sister, Rachel, who he picked on a bunch! Kaleb took the good with the bad, but always with a smile. We never once heard him say a negative thing about anyone.

Kaleb was already a registered organ, eye and tissue donor. We discussed donation with all of our children, it was just a given growing up. You can’t use it when you’re gone, so why not let someone else enjoy a better, longer life. But never in a million years did we ever expect to experience the bitter-sweet reality of donation with one of our children. We can say that it brings comfort knowing that our son Kaleb is still living on, doing what he enjoyed most: helping others. How can we be sad knowing someone else can live a better life because our son chose to share his life as a donor? We are so very proud of Kaleb for making that choice. It helps us a little knowing real pieces of our son are still here doing good for others and knowing God is using Kaleb for miracles amazes us!

We know that several people will benefit from Kaleb’s selfless decision to donate. We currently know that someone received the gift of sight from Kaleb, as well as his heart valves. We also received a letter from a recipient who received Kaleb’s tissue in his knee as part of a transplant. How awesome it was to actually hear from someone who received Kaleb’s gift, that note was truly a gift to us! We pray to someday meet him, as well as any other recipients who Kaleb was able to help through donation!