125 Voices - Andrew P. Grimes - Fifty Lives

Andrew P. Grimes

Tissue Donor

When you count by time, 19 years and 11 months is what he gave us. When you count by memories it's endless. Not just for us as Parents, but for everyone he encountered. You see, Andrew touched an enormous amount of lives, and it wasn't until his Passing on September 21st 2012 at a memorial hosted by his friends the following week, that hundreds gathered to share in Andrews memories, Collected donations to assist with his funeral arrangements, Gathered Photo's and Memorabilia, that we discovered just how many lives he truly touched.

Forever thinking of others and giving what ever he had, Andrew left an impression on Friends and Strangers alike. I swear he never met a Stranger. Whether it was his involvement in orchestra, where he played Violin, or on the baseball field, or the local Skate park, Andrew was always, "All in". He was never satisfied with just trying something out, Andrew wanted to be the Master.

Born October 30th 1992 Andrew Paul Grimes had to be constantly reminded that there are limits to what the Human body can endure and that there are limits. As Parents we strive to protect our children and with Andrew it was no different. It came at the cost of protective equipment for every sport he challenged. Motocross and Skate boarding were his mothers worst nightmares, and when he decided to slip away and take the Train to Dallas with some friends to explore the opening of a new Skate park, it turned out that it wasn't skating he was he was in danger of being injured from, but the Thieves that robbed him of his Camera equipment. Andrew held no grudge and shrugged it off as another accomplishment he achieved in the journey of life.

At 19 years of age Andrew had accomplishing everything he set out to do, enrolled in college, landed his dream job at an upscale hotel as a Valet (so he could meet interesting and influential people while driving his dream cars).

Thirty nine days before his 20th birthday Andrew suddenly left us. We received that dreadful call at 1:47 am to come immediately to the hospital. Our son had failed to negotiate a turn on a dead end road on his way home from work!
He lost his fight for life as his lungs gave out 11 hours into his struggle as a result of the impact in the collision.

When LifeGift.org approached his mother and I in the hospital, she was short on words, But, I remembered that Andrew had always said "I would be willing donate everything I have to help someone else, If there is anything left of me to donate"! You see...Andrew didn't think that he was leaving this World in a well preserved pristine body, but rather meeting his maker sliding in sideways, rag torn, and worn out, yelling "What a Ride"!

Fortunately for a 100+ recipients and an organization called LifeGift.org, Andrew gave the Gift that, Just like him, Keeps on giving! The gift of a better life for others. Thank you Andrew for the eternal memories.