Wall Of Life - Lara - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Lara Anne died as a result of smoke inhalation and brain damage from an apartment fire while attending college in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was studying to be a veterinary technician. Her love of God was only followed by her love of family and animals. It was her desire to be a donor.

Lara was shy and reserved until she got to know you. After that, she would be your friend for life. She loved animals, band, golf, chocolate and looked forward every summer so that she could attend Church Camp. It was there that she discovered how much God meant to her and how much He loved HER!

One of Lara's passions was collecting pandas. From an early age, she collected them and at the time of her death had over 300 of them in various shapes, sizes and styles. Pictures of pandas were all over her walls, on bookmarks and on her bed. Her one desire was to graduate and one day visit China so she could maybe visit a panda sanctuary to hold one of these wonderful creatures.

Those who received gifts of our earthly angel are truly blessed. If you see a butterfly hovering nearby, it's Lara watching out for you.