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Mable I Joyce


Kyle is my nephew and he helped my deceased husband and myself with so many things around our home as we both were handicapped. I remember him coming thru the door with a smile on his face and a HI you knew that next you were going to get a big bear hug and a I LOVE YOU. He never left without a big hug and a kiss. I cannot say enough about Kyle and his family they were always so wonderful to both of us. I will always miss him.My Husband and I met the family in 1970, so we were blessed with seeing Debbie grow up get married to Joe and have the boys Joey and Kyle when the boys were young it was our joy to watch the boys around Christmas time and to watch the movie about the Grinch that stole christmas over and over and over many times during the evening we would have them. To this day I think of those days at Christmas time. Kyle has affected my life with the fact he was there for us to watch grow and was a nephew to us.