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Get involved at Community Tissue Services! You can make a difference today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. Register your decision to become a donor by signing up today or share the message of 125Lives via your social network.

Give 125 Lives

Signing up for tissue donation takes only a few minutes. Use our map to learn how to register for your state:

At the time of your death, your family will be contacted and asked to provide information about your social and medical history.

It's important to share your decision with family members. That way, they'll know what to expect, and they can respect your decision.

Give 125 Minutes

...or 15 minutes... you pick the time. Help Community Tissue Services make tissue donation possible. Your gift of time as Social Media Ambassadors supports the vital work of 125Lives.org.

5 Ways To Spread The Word
It takes just a few minutes and you can do it all from your computer.

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You can also share our Fact Sheet with others.

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That's about how long it will take to share one of our 125Lives social media pics.

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