What FiftyLives Means to Community Tissue Services Branch Director, Abby Brentlinger

Abby enjoys the fast-paced career and environment of Community Tissue Services. The fact that there is always something new to learn, explore and discover as far as tissue grafts and technology are concerned helps to fuel her passion for the tissue industry. Discovering more innovative ways to save people’s lives, as well as donors families fuel her passion to serve within the tissue industry.

Abby’s personal connection to the tissue industry is through an old friend. One of her good friends passed away in a motorcycle accident. Her friend was a registered donor, so when the time came, his decision aided his family in coping with their loss easier. Abby said it didn’t surprise her that her friend was already a registered donor, since he was always a giving and generous person, it only made sense that he continue his generosity, even in death. His decision allowed his family to grieve in a healthy manner, knowing that he continues to live on in the lives of others.

It’s stories like this that affect our branch directors at Community Tissue Services, and allow their passion to show through in their work. Hard work and compassion are what drives CTS employees.

When Abby was asked what her favorite thing about working for Community Tissue Services was, she replied, “There are two things that are the best about working for CTS: The staff is amazing and they all work very hard to honor each donor’s gift. Being able to give a grieving family the options that they need to make an informed decision and allowing them to create a legacy through organ, eye, and tissue donation.”