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Screenshot of the Wall of Life on FiftyLives.orgAre you the recipient of a tissue graft? Has one of your loved ones given the gift of life through tissue donation? If you or a loved one has been affected by the miracle of tissue donation, we would love to hear your story so that we can help to share it with the world!

Many times, people do not fully understand the life changing effects that tissue donation can have for a recipient. Many people also sometimes may not even realize that they are receiving donated tissue through a medical procedure! By submitting your story, you’re doing your part to help spread awareness for this great cause.

These stories help us educate the public about the importance of tissue donation. Together, we can help motivate people to become registered donors and to help save and enhance the lives of others.

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If you would like to participate and submit your story, it’s as simple as visiting our website! features a “Wall of Life” that helps commemorate the selflessness of tissue donation through remembering those donors, and also demonstrate the healing power of donation through telling the stories of tissue recipients.

You could be the one to convince someone to register to become a donor—visit Share Your Story to submit your story today!

Tissue Recipient Bonnie Shares her Story on our Wall of Life

bonnie henderson“It’s a little dramatic to say that a patch of transplanted tissue is why I can walk today. But it’s part of the story.” Bonnie needed an MRI to determine why she was having decreased mobility and balance issues. The MRI found a large benign tumor wrapped three quarters of the way around her spinal cord. She had surgery to remove it and to patch her spine back up. To gain back her mobility after the surgery, she was advised to walk. And walk she did.

She didn’t realize until later when asked some routine questions while donating blood, that she might be a tissue recipient. After looking at her hospital medical records, she discovered that she was. When she read this on her medical records, “I burst into tears. It’s one thing to walk around picturing your spinal cord patched like a bicycle tire tube. It’s another thing to realize that parts of another human being are inside your body, helping to keep you upright and walking.”

Read Bonnie’s remarkable story here.

Tissue Recipient Jeremy Shares his Story on our Wall of Life

FL JeremyWe know that in an instant our life can be forever changed. This happened to Jeremy, a tissue recipient. He shares with us on our Wall of Life how receiving skin grafts saved his life after a terrible car accident.

“Tissue donors give other people a chance to live full lives and longer lives as their very last act on this earth.” For Jeremy, and countless others, being a tissue recipient made it possible for him to be alive today.

Read Jeremy’s story here.