Teaching Teens About Tissue Donation

Here’s one way to help teens make an informed decision regarding tissue donation: Community Tissue Services, the organization behind FiftyLives, has designed an educational program for high school students.

Focusing on the importance of tissue and organ donation, this informative program creatively presents the facts. Students also learn how to discuss the subject of donation with their family and how to register to be a donor. The program includes:

    • Lesson Plan
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Student Guide (includes Pre and Post Tests)
    • Letter to Parents
    • Brochure
    • Video

As part of the curriculum, a staff member from Community Tissue Services (CTS) will come to your location to educate the students. If you’d like more information on this valuable program, please contact your local tissue branch or call CTS at 800-684-7783 ext. 3364.