CTS Director, TX Jason Morse is Passionate about Tissue Donation

In the photo are three other CTS employee (two females and the gentleman on the far right) the gentleman with the grey hair is retired Dallas Cowboy, and living Kidney donor, Everson Wall. Jason, is where the white shirt with a tie.

In the photo are four CTS employees (Jason is in the white shirt with a tie); the gentleman with the grey hair is retired Dallas Cowboy, and living Kidney donor, Everson Wall.

This month, we’d like to introduce Jason Morse, a Community Tissue Services (CTS) Director in Texas. He became involved in tissue donation through his experience working in the operating room. He noticed some co-workers had departed the O.R. to work in the tissue recovery industry. Eventually, one of them called him and asked if he was interested in joining the tissue recovery team at CTS.  After researching the organization as well as the industry, he determined that this was something he was interest in pursuing. From there, the rest, as they say, is history.

His effective transition into his position with CTS is best summarized by Jason:  ”The ultimate goal of each surgery performed is to hopefully help to save or enhance the life of one individual. On the other hand, each tissue recovery surgery has the ability to save or enhance the live of approximately fifty people!”

Jason not only works with tissue donors, but he is part of a donor family as well. His Father-in-Law, Joseph Wohlferd, was a tissue donor. Jason shared about his amazing Father-in-Law on our Wall of Life. Joseph’s donation of skin, bone and tendons helped to improve the lives of others. His ultimate gift aligned well with his many selfless and generous acts while still alive.  Through this donation as well as through his work with CTS, Jason has felt the true impact of tissue donation countless times. Tissue donation has a positive impact on both a community as well as leaving a lasting legacy. While attending an event recently, a donor family member shared that: “If the only thing you have ever done right in your life was to become a donor, all the other wrongs are removed”.  For Jason, this statement clearly illustrates the pride that many donor families feel knowing their loved one will have a lasting impact on this world.

Feeling passionate about his work comes easily for Jason. For inspiration, he just looks at the CTS vision statement: Extraordinary people…saving and enhancing lives. For him, the extraordinary people addressed in the statement not only include the employees at CTS; it also includes the donor, the donor family and all others that are involved in the miracle of saving and enhancing lives. He says it’s easy to find passion when you are involved in a community of individuals that come together to help others.

When we asked Jason what fuels his passion for tissue donation, here’s what he told us: “My passion for tissue donation is continually fueled by knowing that, despite an increase in the number of individuals deciding to donate, the need for tissue grafts grows as well. I think a lot about how the demand for skin grafts generally keep the supply low and without this life-saving graft, someone may succumb to their injury. I also, think about the recipient letter that I read illustrating how receiving a graft returned the recipients life back to normal. Many of these recipients had lost the ability to function normally. They could not pick up their children or grandchildren, they could not walk freely without pain, they simply had a poor quality of life. However, through the act of donation, they are able to enjoy life again.”

CTS is fortunate to have someone on staff who has such a deep understanding and compassion for tissue donation. You can learn more about CTS and tissue donation online at our website.