National Hispanic Heritage Month- Carmen, Cornea Recipient

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Carmen has the warm and inviting smile of a dear friend. It is the kind of smile that
makes those around her want smile too. Her bright smile is there today because she
sees life much more clearly than she did several years ago, before a corneal transplant
changed her life.

At the age of 19, Carmen was diagnosed with a progressive medical condition that
affected her vision. As Carmen’s eyesight gradually deteriorated over time, her daily
activities became very limited. Carmen struggled to simply view the computer screen at
her job as an accountant, and she suffered a serious bicycle accident, badly injuring her
knees. Carmen sought medical treatment in her native Mexico, where she lived at the
time, but attempts to restore her eyesight were unsuccessful.

Carmen’s hopes of regaining her vision were fading, but she didn’t give up. In 2004,
shortly after relocating to the United States and settling down in Arizona, Carmen met
with transplant surgeons to assess her options. Doctors determined that a corneal
transplant would be the key to restoring Carmen’s sight, and she decided to pursue the
surgery. Carmen’s transplant was success.

Today, Carmen has resumed living the life she loves without limitation, and she eagerly
talks about the importance of registering as a donor. She also works to dispel the myths
and misconceptions that may prevent some people from saying “yes” to donation.
Carmen acknowledges the life-changing decision of donors and their families with
gratitude for what they make possible. “Without their generosity, says Carmen, “I would
not have been able to regain my sight… this is truly an incredible gift.”

Story submitted by Donor Network of Arizona.

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The Body’s Largest Organ

Skin, while always in sight, is often out of mind. This graphic helps explains the functions of skin and just how important it is to the body! Burn victims suffer the loss of these functions and rely on skin grafts to heal and recover from their severe burns.

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You can read more in depth on what skin does for us at

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National Donate Life Blue & Green Day 2016

90% of Americans support organ donation, but only 51% are registered. The need for organ and tissue transplants is always rising and the short supply of registered donors is ever present. We can close the gap with supporters, like you, helping to raise awareness.

Blue & Green Day is a celebration where people all over the nation flood the internet with photos incorporating the Donate Life colors. The more that join the movement, the more people we can reach to help make life possible. Additionally, a photo can be a great conversation piece to talk to those around you about donation.


This year’s Blue and Green Day is today! Get creative and take some blue and green pictures to show your support for organ, eye and tissue donation. You can send your picture to Donate Life America’s Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

There are six different categories you can submit your photo to:

  • Outfitted for Life (Adult Fashion)
  • Colorful Kids (Kid Fashion)
  • Pets for Donation (Pet Fashion)
  • Get Together for Blue & Green (Group Photos)
  • Blue, Green & Delicious (Food and Drinks)
  • Donate Life Décor (Places and Decorations)

The entry period ends on Tuesday, April 19 at 11:59 pm, so better get started! ‪Also, we would love for you to send us your photos. It really makes our day to see supporters excited for National Donate Life Month! Let us know if we can share your photos on our social media when you send them.

Details on the photo contest are in the following link: 2016-BlueGreenDay_ContestFlyer_Contest_SocialMedia

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