50 Voices: Brittany’s Story

Raquel is proud of her daughter, Brittany, who is our newest face on our “Wall of Life.” Brittany was only 19 years old when she passed away, but she left behind an unforgettable legacy of life.

Brittany’s donated organs and tissue have helped numerous amounts of people of all ages who were suffering from disease or injury:

“Brittany’s donation consisted of orthopedic tissues which are used to hasten recovery in individuals suffering from bone or spine disease or injuries. Many bone grafts can be generated from one tissue door. In the case of Brittany’s gift the donation records indicate the creation of numerous bone grafts which have been, and will continue to be used to perform reconstructive surgery, spinal fusions and oral surgery. The records also indicate that all of these grafts have been distributed throughout the country to states such as California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC.

 Brittany’s donation also consisted of cardiac tissue (heart valves). Cardiac tissue is used to benefit children with complex heart defects, as well as adults with heart disease. The records indicate that Brittany’s gift of cardiac tissues were distributed to medical facilities in Missouri and Pennsylvania in July and October of 2008.

 Brittany’s gift of skin has enabled surgeons to perform reconstructive surgeries for individuals who have suffered severe burns. These grafts have been distributed to medical facilities in Virginia and Iowa.”

 Recently, Brittany’s mother, Raquel also received a letter from one of Brittany’s recipients:

“Dear Donor Family,

I do not know if you gratitude can help your healing, but I want you to know you and your loved one have made my life better. Before my surgery, I could not walk without being in pain: hopefully I will be back participating in sports and walking normally. I pray for your family when I go to Mass each week. I will dedicate more time to helping others as soon as I am able. Thank you so much. I will be an organ donor as soon as I am able. My parents have been for a long time.

Thank you,

 Three other recipients were also saved due to Brittany’s donation:
Erica received Brittany’s right kidney, Joseph received Brittany’s left kidney and pancreas, and Kimberly received Brittany’s liver. Raquel finds peace knowing that her daughter saved countless lives with the most precious gift; life.

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