Featured Employee – Central Supply Training Coordinator, Leah Martin

“Extraordinary People Saving and Enhancing Lives” is the motto that we strive to live up to every single day at Community Tissue Services. One of our employees who epitomizes that spirit is our Central Supply Training Coordinator, Leah Martin, our featured employee for this month!

As a training coordinator, Leah has the opportunity to share her passion and enthusiasm with many of her coworkers each day.

Fifty Lives Featured Employee

“Besides being a part of enhancing people’s lives with someone’s final gift, my favorite thing about working here would be the people. Being the training coordinator I have the privilege of working with all the Central Supply teams and educating them so they can better themselves and build a stronger career. It is rewarding to see them learn and grow,” she says.

Leah personifies the “extraordinary” spirit of Community Tissue Services every single day with her attitude and the way she approaches her work.

“The challenge of improving and continually learning every day to build a stronger career for myself drives me to be extraordinary,” she says. “Knowing I am a part of carrying out someone’s final wishes, but also part of the start of a new chapter in someone else’s life, makes me passionate about my work.”

Having a career working in the area of tissue donation has also had a profound impact on Leah’s life.

“Working with tissue donation has given me a greater appreciation for the lives that have been lost. I have a daily reminder of the kindness people have towards others even after they have passed and the impact they have on other lives,” she says.

We want to thank Leah for all of her extraordinary work and her continuing commitment to excellence!