Featured Employee – Customer Service Supervisor, Serena Stott

Continuing with our Featured Employee series, Fifty Lives would like to recognize another employee for their continued commitment to their work and to the lifesaving gift of tissue donation. That person is Serena Stott, Customer Service Supervisor at Community Tissue Services!Serena (3)

Serena has been with Community Tissue Services for a little over two years, and brings an unrivaled passion for donation to work every single day. “I’m passionate about the job because I want ensure that I am able to help connect the tissue graft to the recipient in need. I love hearing the stories of how we have helped save and improve someone’s life, simply because we were able to connect the gift of tissue donation to the recipient. It’s a beautiful mission that I’m so proud to be a part of,” she says.

A native of Dayton, OH, Serena was aware of the blood center side of CBC/CTS, but did not know anything about the tissue bank. Soon after starting, she quickly gained a greater understanding and appreciation of donation. “I initially heard about CTS when a friend told me about an open position. After going to the website and reading about Community Tissue Services, I knew this was the company I wanted to work for,” she says. “Donation means the ultimate gift by giving of oneself in order to help improve another’s quality of life or even more so, giving to save another,” she says.

While she has always been a registered organ, eye and tissue donor, Serena believes that working so closely with donation has helped her find her calling in life. “Going through college I was never one that knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I always worked hard in any job that I have had, but never had the sense of ‘This is it. This is my calling,’ until now. I love knowing that we exist to help the community. I’ve been an organ and tissue donor, but it means so much more to me now that I understand the whole process. I enjoy telling others about tissue donation and educating them on how amazing our bodies are and how organ AND tissue donation is a selfless act in helping your neighbor,” she says.

In addition to the impact her work has on the lives of others, Serena also is grateful for the chance to work with the people at Community Tissue Services.  “My favorite part of working here is obviously the donation process and knowing that we exist to help others,” she says, but is also quick to add, “I love how even though we are a few hundred employees strong, we are like a very large family. I personally love the team that I work and am very blessed to be a part of the beautiful company that is Community Tissue Services.”

We want to thank Serena for all of her fine work as well as her her outstanding commitment to donation and helping save and enhance the lives of others!