Featured Employee – CNC Processing Supervisor, John Kidder

One of the things that sets Fifty Lives and Community Tissue Services apart from the rest is the quality of employees that we have. Over the past few months we have featured several directors as guest bloggers and now we would like to continue to feature other equally important and equally extraordinary employees from our organization. For this first edition of our “Featured Employee” blog we highlight our CNC ProcessJohn Kiddering Supervisor,      John Kidder!

John will be celebrating his 8 year anniversary at Community Tissue Services in July, and he has enjoyed every moment of it. John came to CTS after working at the Delphi plant is Dayton as a CNC machinist. “I had heard of the Blood Center side, but had no idea what they would use a CNC machine for.”  John would quickly learn that CTS uses the CNC machine technology to assist with the processing of bone grafts to help save and enhance the lives of people in need of a transplant.

Once John started working at CTS, it instantly changed his life. “I had a greater appreciation for donation, and for life. I was doing work that was not only rewarding, but meaningful.” To John, donation means the chance to “help others in a time of need, and shed some light on a dark situation.”

John credits his strong work ethic and determination as what drives him to do be passionate about donation. “I like to do a good job no matter what I’m doing and always strive to personally do my best.”

John uses that drive and that passion to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people every single day. When asked what his favorite part about working at CTS, he gave his honest answer: “the people here are great, but the rewarding work is most important. I have the chance to make a positive impact on someone’s life, and can help to turn a bleak situation into a positive and hopeful one.”

We would like to personally thank John for his continued hard work and for his commitment to saving and enhancing the lives of others!