December Guest Blogger – Diane Wilson, COO

Continuing with our monthly guest blogs, our December guest blogger is Diane Wilson. Diane Wilson photoDiane is currently the COO of Community Tissue Services, but says she got her start on the blood center side of Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services. “When the tissue bank in Dayton was new, I worked on the blood center side. My operating room background was of interest to the blood center CEO who asked me to help get the tissue bank going (it had been in existence for a year at the time but had lost the director). The first recovery of a donor I went on was amazing and I have loved it ever since. 28 years.” When asked what her favorite thing about working for Community Tissue Services is, Diane is quick and concise with her answer: “the employees and the mission.”

Like so many others working in tissue donation, Diane understands how important donation is to others and that is what makes her so passionate about her work. “Death is such a sad event for families to deal with and donation is a way for many families to know that their loved one continues to help others through transplantation. I am always so thankful that designated donors and families want to honor us with their final gift. I am passionate because we make miracles happen every day through saving and enhancing lives.  It is always such an honor.”

In her many years of experience, Diane says that her work in the donation field has most definitely had a positive impact on her life. “I have learned to understand how valuable donation in life (blood) and death (tissue) can be to recipients and how their lives are improved and saved. I have seen how many people have had their lives cut short and how important it is to live life to its fullest.  It makes me appreciative of people, their gifts, their hardships, and how I need to try to make a difference every day in someone’s life.” When asked what donation means to her after all these years, Diane believes it is “the ability to help others, passing the gift of life on to others, and saving and enhancing thousands of lives.”

Diane is a tremendous asset to Community Tissue Services and we are extremely grateful for her dedication and service over the years. Kindness and selflessness are just some of the qualities that she brings to Community Tissue Services, and are what have helped her achieve such success in her career.