Tissue Recipient Jeremy Shares his Story on our Wall of Life

FL JeremyWe know that in an instant our life can be forever changed. This happened to Jeremy, a tissue recipient. He shares with us on our Wall of Life how receiving skin grafts saved his life after a terrible car accident.

“Tissue donors give other people a chance to live full lives and longer lives as their very last act on this earth.” For Jeremy, and countless others, being a tissue recipient made it possible for him to be alive today.

Read Jeremy’s story here.

After Serving Our Country, Reg Dawson Continues to Have a Positive Impact on The World Around Him

Reg Dawson is in the center.

Reg Dawson is in the center.

Reg Dawson, Executive Director with Community Tissue Services, is a medical military veteran who sees tissue donation as a link to assist others in their time of need.

While in the Army National Guard, Reg witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of war. “Tissue donation has helped save the lives of many of my fellow comrades.  Skin grafts are used for burn patients as they struggle to fight infection, tendons are used for joint restoration, bone is used to fuse spinal injuries. Without donation, many of events I have witnessed would have very poor outcomes.”

After returning to civilian life, Reg returned to his role as a technician at a local hospital. But he wanted more than just a job — he wanted to find a more satisfying career within the medical field. After speaking to a recovery team member with Community Tissue Services, he was amazed by the potential of one donation helping to make a difference for fifty people, and decided this was the career path for him.

When asked what impact his work experience with tissue donation has had on his life,  Reg didn’t hesitate in replying: “Being involved in tissue donation is very motivating for me. Every day I look forward to engaging with staff, hospitals and our community. Together we are able to make someone’s final gift, the gift of tissue donation a reality. When I go home at night I am truly satisfied knowing that I helped make a difference for someone in need.”

Thank you Reg, for your service to our Country, and for your continued service in the valuable work you do within the Tissue Donation field.

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magnet bIf you’d like to help us promote tissue donation, a simple way to do this would be to add our great new car magnet to the back of your car or vehicle. This magnet is easy to read and see. (We do suggest that you clean and dry the area where you’d like to place this first.)

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