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Carole Vaught has made promoting Blood, Organ and Tissue Donation her Life Mission

Carole Vaught

Carole Vaught

Carole Vaught goes home each day with satisfaction in her role as a Director of Recovery Partner Program with Community Tissue Services. How could she not when you consider this fact from her: “Every day, in some way or another, I have helped to save or improve someone’s life.”

Her career with Community Tissue Services  didn’t begin in Tissue Donation. In fact, it began in the Blood Center in 1978. Her friend and colleague, Diane Wilson, often spoke to Carole about her own passion for tissue donation and transplant. When a position opened up, Carole transferred. Other than a brief return to the Blood Center, she’s been in the Tissue Bank ever since.

Carole not only enjoys working at the Tissue Bank, but she is also the instructor for the Tissue Banking Certificate Program led by Community Tissue Services in partnership with Sinclair Community College. She has been the instructor since the program’s inception six years ago, when she helped to implement this, then brand new, Certification Program.  The Program lasts for one year, and provides students with an understanding of what a career working in tissue donation means. Over the past six years, she has enjoyed watching her students learn about, and grow to love, the field as much as she does. At the end of the course, students leave with both hands on clinical experience and in-depth knowledge of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) Standards.  At the completion of the program, along with experience working in the field of tissue banking, students can take the AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist exam.  Students can then apply their knowledge by working at Tissue Banks across the country.

For her, tissue donation means “being able to help others by providing lifesaving skin grafts, restoring sight and mobility, or being able to reduce pain and suffering in others who have debilitating conditions.”  She’s thrilled to see the many  changes that are occurring with new technology and treatments developed which help people live a more productive and enjoyable life. This not only keeps her “on her toes” but gives her new reasons to continue to promote organ, tissue and eye donation and transplant.

Promoting donation (blood, organ, tissue, eye) awareness is what Carole has dedicated her life to. This is her life mission. We couldn’t think of a better cause or a better person to help champion it.

New on 50 Voices: Andrew P. Grimes

Andrew and trooperAndrew’s family misses him every day since he passed away last Fall. But, what they’re thankful for in addition to the memories, is that they can hold on to his amazing final act of giving to others. His Dad, Stevan, says, “Fortunately for a 100+ recipients and an organization called LifeGift.org, Andrew gave the Gift that, Just like him, Keeps on giving! The gift of a better life for others.”

Andrew was only 19 when he left this world, but he lived those 19 years to their fullest accomplishing everything he set out to do.  For “You see…Andrew didn’t think that he was leaving this World in a well preserved pristine body, but rather meeting his maker sliding in sideways, rag torn, and worn out, yelling “What a Ride!”"

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