Introducing Our New FiftyLives Interactive & Educational Tool: How We Help

Many people wonder what tissues can be donated and how they are used.  Some tissues are used to improve life quality, others to heal and some to save lives. Our new “How We Help” interactive and educational tool takes you on a virtual tour of how tissue grafts can be used for transplantation, their purposes, and the surgeries and treatments for each. Continue reading

Meet Robert Boggs, Community Tissue Services Director Who’s Passionate about Tissue Donation

After working as a chief investigator for the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office, Rob decided as an avid supporter of Community Tissue Services mission to transition to the director of CTS. “I had a number of experiences interacting with the staff [as a chief investigator] and since I was a supporter of the mission, it was an easy move to make when the time came.” Continue reading