New on the Wall of Life: Carolyn’s Story

Robert’s love for his wife Carolyn is poignantly evident in the story of her life on our “Wall of Life.” Her tissue donation helped 41 other people. Robert writes:

Carolyn was a daughter, sister, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister-in-law, cousin, friend, athlete, housekeeper, cook, secretary, caregiver and devout Catholic.

She was the oldest of two children born to Gilbert and Mary in the coal country of central Pennsylvania, a coal miner’s daughter who with her family, migrated to Ohio at the age of four. As the coal mines began to slow down, her parents sought more steady work. Factories in the Midwest were expanding as our country entered World War II. 

Read the entire story on the Wall of Life page.

Facebook Allows You to Post Donor Status

For many of us, Facebook allows us to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. We share photos of our kids and grandkids, links to websites we like, funny videos, and details about our daily lives.

Now, you can share your decision to be a tissue and organ donor on your Facebook “Timeline” profile. 

Facebook and Donate Life teamed up on the initiative to get Facebook’s 1 billion users to sign up to become donors.

Want to announce your donor status to your Facebook friends? Here’s how (also demonstrated in the video above):

  1. Go to your Facebook Timeline (
  2. Look for “Life Event,” next to “Status,” “Place” and “Upload Photo.”
  3. Click on “Life Event,” select “Health and Wellness,” and select the new option “choose Organ Donor.”
  4. You can also add where and when you registered and include a personal story, picture, or video.

Remember, it’s important that your family and friends know your wishes. Facebook is a great place to make sure they do!

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