New on the Wall of Life: Lara’s Story

After three years, Martha, Lara’s mom, still misses her baby. She shared with us that Lara had the most beautiful smile, and we agree.

Here’s Lara’s story on the Wall of Life:

Lara Anne died as a result of smoke inhalation and brain damage from an apartment fire while attending college in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was studying to be a veterinary technician. Her love of God was only followed by her love of family and animals. It was her desire to be a donor.

Lara was shy and reserved until she got to know you. After that, she would be your friend for life.

Read the entire story on the Wall of Life page.


National Donate Life Month

At least 50 lives are improved by one person’s selfless end-of-life gift of their tissue to help others. With April now upon us, we’re celebrating the 10th Annual Donate Life month. This excerpt is from the official Presidential Proclamation:

With quiet compassion and exceptional generosity, organ and tissue donors leave an indelible mark on the lives of countless Americans. Their selfless acts inspire hope at moments of profound need, and they recall the giving spirit that lies at the heart of our national character. During National Donate Life Month, we reflect on that essential quality and recommit to saving lives through organ and tissue donation.

The need to educate others about the importance of tissue donation is great–86% of the population has heard of tissue donation, but only 30% of all donation supporters know how to join the registry. This month, here are some ways you can help increase the donor registry and ultimately help the lives of many.

  1. Share your story with others: Explain to friends and family why you’re a tissue donor. Bring some cookies or cupcakes into work this month with blue and green icing on them. This will be a great lead in to explaining to them about tissue donation.
  2. Send an email or share on Facebook with your friends promoting the importance of tissue donation.  (Here’s a sample of what you could copy and paste:  Dear friends, April is National Donate Life month. I’m not only an organ donor but also a tissue donor. Tissue donation is very important and improves the lives of 50 or more individuals. You can see stories of hope here and learn the facts. Just signing up to be an organ donor isn’t always enough to be a tissue donor as well. Be sure to check your state’s information so that your wishes will be followed. Thank you for your support!)
  3. April 20 is Wear Green and Blue Day to show your support for organ and tissue donation. If you’re looking for some neat ways to express yourself that day, check out this board we found on Pinterest.

Do you have some other great ideas or way to spread the word about the importance of being a tissue donor? Please share them with us here.